Adele: "I Was Too Embarrassed To Audition For The X Factor"

20 December 2011, 13:43

The 'Rolling In The Deep' singer shunned the singing competition as she thought her parents were trying to make a fool of her.

Adele has revealed that she never tried out for music reality shows such as The X Factor for fear of embarrassment.

The 'Set Fire To The Rain' singer was pushed to audition but refused as she believed her parents were joking with their words of encouragement.

Speaking to Cosmopolitan Magazine, Adele revealed: "We'd be watching The X Factor, and my family would tell me I should go on. But then you'd see a parent on the show saying, 'My child is the next Mariah [Carey],' and the kid would be rubbish.

"So I'd look at them and think, 'F**k you, you just want me to be embarrassed for a good laugh.'"

Meanwhile, Adele is rumoured to be moving to the countryside following fears the smog in London could affect her recovery following her throat surgery last month.