Adele 'Skyfall' Reviews Hail "Classic" James Bond Theme Tune

3 October 2012, 14:11

Critics are full of praise for the '21' star's theme song for the forthcoming installment of the Bond franchise.

Adele's theme tune for the forthcoming James Bond film Skyfall has been hailed as a "classic" by critics.

The song is officially released on Friday (October 5th) at 0.07 BST, but fans were given a preview when a clip of 'Skyfall' leaked online earlier this week.

Critics have begun to review the song, with most agreeing that it marks a return to the traditional sound of Bond themes past.

The Telegraph said Adele showed "a warmth and soul in her voice that lends the typically sinister lyrics a quality of emotional depth they probably don’t actually warrant".

The Los Angeles Times also paid tribute to the '21' star's "understated, slow-build delivery", adding: "Though only about 90 seconds, what's available of Adele's "Skyfall" seems to hint at the classic - perhaps more traditional - Bond themes of yore."

Daniel Craig will once again return as James Bond in the latest movie:

Daniel Craig with Bond girls

MSN Music said 'Skyfall' ticked all the boxes of a Bond theme, while the James International Fan Club described the theme as "Bondian, but very Adele".

The New York Daily News said: "It has the swoop of Bond themes like 'Moonraker' and "Diamonds Are Forever', both originally performed by Welsh singer Shirley Bassey."

Adele has admitted she was hesitant at first about recording the song but confessed it was a "no brainer" as she once again teamed up with producer and songwriter Paul Epworth.