Adele Insisted 'Rolling In The Deep' Was First '21' Single

15 December 2011, 07:30 | Updated: 15 December 2011, 07:44

The 'Someone Like You' singer says she always knew the popular song should be the lead single from her second album.

Adele says she insisted 'Rolling In The Deep' be the lead single from her 2011 album '21'.

The 'Someone Like You' singer made the comments in an email to MTV News after her single was named MTV's Best Song of 2011.

"I was pretty insistent it be a single," Adele admitted. "But I thought it would be more a tastemaker vibe than a hit.

"I loved the song the minute I wrote it. The melody and the beat added some conviction to it. I think that's why people have connected with it."

Adele, who is currently recovering from throat surgery, admitted it was "overwhelming" how many people had been able to identify with the song, written about one of her past relationships.

She added: "I find it quite hard to wrap my head around it."

Adele recently revealed she has yet to begin work on the follow-up to '21' and hinted that it could be two or three more years before the release of her third studio album.