Adele: "My Music And Personal Life Are Separate"

12 December 2011, 10:38 | Updated: 12 December 2011, 10:58

The 'Rolling In The Deep' singer says she tries not to involve her family and friends with her career as a pop singer.

Adele says she made a conscious decision to keep her music career and personal life separate when she first achieved chart success.

The '21' singer insists that despite her fame she tries not to let her celebrity status interfere too much with her relationship with friends and family.

"My music, and certainly my career, are very separate from my home life," Adele said. "I don't and have never involved [my family] in it, but they've never gotten in the way of it either.

"I think they're as baffled by my success as I am."

The 'Someone Like You' singer also says she has made an effort not to overexpose herself in the media by taking on too many public appearances or interviews.

"If I did everything my artistry and music would become diluted," Adele explained to Billboard. "Performances and interviews travel globally and instantly nowadays because of YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and blogs.

"I'd be repeating myself and be overexposed if I did every TV and every magazine cover I was given the opportunity to do."

Adele has yet to begin work on the follow-up to '21' and suggested her third studio album is unlikely to be released for another two or three years.