Adele Invited A Fan To Sing On Stage And Had No Idea She Was This Grammy Nominated Star

11 August 2016, 11:14

Adele Bringing A Fan On Stage

Well this is one way to impress Adele on stage...

Adele sells out shows at every venue she visits around the world.

At her shows she loves to get a fan or two on stage.

But this latest fan-on-stage moment may have just given Adele the shock of her life!

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As usual, Adele brought out a fan at her recent show at the Staples Centre in Los Angeles and as the video below shows, she got a bit of a surprise when she invited the fan to sing.

 It turns out that the fan was actually Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Jamie Grace!


Jamie was nominated for best contemporary Christian song at the 2012 Grammy's for her track 'Hold Me' and it seems that Adele had no idea who she was.

She amazed Adele with her stunning vocals, performing parts of Adele's track 'Remedy' and the Elvis Presley classic 'Can't Help Falling in Love'.

Adele Live 2016 - North American Tour In Los Angel

Picture: Getty

Without knowing of her musical background, Adele then invited the 'unknown fan' to collaborate for a YouTube video.

We're pretty sure that once she realised the true identity of Jamie Grace, she will definitely be making that happen!


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