Dog Singing Along To His Favourite Adele Song Clip Goes Viral - Video

20 May 2013, 12:30

The canine can be heard howling when he hears 'Make You Feel My Love' on the computer.

A new clip has gone viral showing a dog singing along to Adele's single 'Make You Feel My Love'.

The black Labrador can be seen laying down and quickly pops up when he hears the first notes of the track being played from a computer.

The video footage has almost hit three million views in less than a week upon being uploaded to file sharing site YouTube.

The owner of the dog posted an accompanying note to the clip revealing the history of the dog's love of the track.

Check out the dog singing along to Adele's 'Make You Feel My Love' below:

"Rev's song I've sang this to him since he was a pup....his response to it is pretty adorable. The city noise at the beginning of the song wakes him up from his sleep and..." he said.

Meanwhile, Adele's music has also been revealed to help overcome a fear of flying in a new study.