Adele BRIT Awards 2012 Best Album Speech Being Cut Was A Shame, Says James Corden

23 February 2012, 14:41 | Updated: 23 February 2012, 14:47

The 'Rolling In The Deep' star's acceptance could have potentially been even shorter according to the BRITs host.

BRIT Awards 2012 host James Corden has confessed that it was a "shame" Adele's acceptance speech for her Best Album award at the event was cut short and revealed it could have potentially been even shorter.

The comedian spoke to The Sun about the incident, explaining he couldn't believe what he was asked to do.

"I can't believe that's what they were asking me to do. I delayed for 15 seconds. They wanted to cut her short as time was running out.

"The truth is, just after Adele said, 'Thank you' people were saying, 'You have to go in now'. I said, 'I can't. How can you cut her off?'

"The whole room was on its feet and they said, 'You've got to do it now'. And then essentially it was just such a surreal moment and everything you can hear in your ear is about five people having an argument and there's one overriding voice saying, 'James, you have to'."

After James was forced to cut short her speech, Adele gave a middle finger gesture to the crowd before Blur took to the stage.

He added: "I was so upset and can understand why Adele was. I didn't even watch Blur, one of my favourite bands. I explained to Adele that if I had my way we'd push the news for a minute and half.

"If it was up to me or the executive producer, that would have happened, but we can't make that call. It would have been a wonderful TV moment for Adele to have her real moment in the sun and then Blur come on. It's a shame we're even talking about it."

ITV has since offered an apology for the incident explaining it was unfortunate but the event was over running.

Adele spoke in a press conference after her middle finger gesture explaining it was meant for the "suits" at the BRITs and wasn't directed at her fans in anyway who she thanked for all their support.