5 Seconds Of Summer - 'Jet Black Heart'

18 December 2015, 09:25

5 Seconds of Summer - Jet Black Heart


Prepare for things to get VERY emosh...

You've NEVER seen a 5 Seconds Of Summer video like this before! The 5SOS boys have unleashed their official video for 'Jet Black Heart' and it will tug on your heartstrings like NOTHING else.

5SOS Fans Have Lost Their Chill Over Ashton's Rather Revealing Wetsuit

While the 5SOS boys' videos are usually a light-hearted affair they've gone completely the other way with this one, showcasing the stories of their fans and getting all emotional. Especially Michael towards the end!

'Jet Black Heart' is the latest single to be released from 5SOS' second album 'Sounds Good Feels Good', after songs like 'She's Kinda Hot'.

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