Dance Off! The Vamps Vs. 5SOS!

16 June 2015, 15:12

The Vamps Vs 5SOS

They may be two of the coolest rock bands on the planet but how do the boys of 5SOS and The Vamps fare in a dance off. That's right...a DANCE off.

Ok, we know that these two aren't necessarily known for their dancing abilities...but hey, rockstars can get down and boogie once in a while too, right?

You'd be surprised the amount of times both bands have thrown a shape or two, and luckily for you we've compiled all our favourites of the lads' very best moves.

So...which band do YOU think impresses the most on the dance floor? 5 Seconds Of Summer or The Vamps?

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No need for any pleasantries, let's get down to it!

1. The..*ahem* "synchronised" group groove.

Hmm...we get a feeling The Vamps might just have a little more co-ordination in this one. However it's always sweet to see Ashton doing his own little thing in the corner there.

2. The 'epic drummer rock-out'.

What kind of 'dance' can a drummer actually do? HEADBANG of course! Not only are Tristan and Ashton our personal faves (don't tell the others), they've both perfected the 'epic drummer rock-out'.

3. The 'super sexy shimmy'.

If anyone needed undeniable proof that rockstars can style out a shimmy worthy of Beyonce then here it is. 


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4. The ministry of silly walks.

What better way to bag yourself ALL the attention? Calum and Connor have the answer and it involves making yourself look silly #DanceLikeNobodysWatching.


5. The classic 'booty shake'.

Come on now, it wouldn't be a dance-off without a wiggle or two. They're not exactly Little Mix but we're pretty impressed!

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