WATCH: 5 Seconds Of Summer Singing Backwards. Yeah, You Heard Right!

7 May 2015, 17:00

They're a talented bunch those 5 Seconds Of Summer boys but who knew just how talented they are at singing...backwards!

Ever tried to sing a 5SOS hit backwards? Well if,like us, you have then you'll KNOW it's not at all easy.

Have a go at home and you'll realise it's JUST as hard as it looks: "em rof redrah steg ti taeb eht ot evom uoy emit yrevE gniod er'uoy tahw gniod ,pots t'noD"

So, as a way of assisting us and the world, we got (manipulated) 5 Seconds Of Summer singing in reverse. Because this is what our life was lacking.

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