"THIS ALBUM IS SICK AS FRICK" - 5SOS' New Album Is Out And The Fans CANNOT Deal!

23 October 2015, 11:08

5sos perform on Good Morning America

The new 5SOS album is out... so of COURSE the fans are all pretty much in heaven rn!

It's felt like the LONGEST wait ever but the moment every 5 Seconds Of Summer fan has been waiting for has arrived. Yes, their new album is out!

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The boys have been teasing 'Sounds Good Feels Good' for the past few months - giving us some sneaky previews of tracks - but now it's all out there in the open, and you can listen to the WHOLE album in full.

Check out some of our FAVE fan reactions to the new album launch below:


The 5SOS boys release ‘Sounds Good Feels Good’ as their new album in late October with  14 AMAZING new tracks to satisfy the #5SOSFam, and recently revealed the lyrics and music of their second album reflects the fact they’ve grown so much since writing their first.

“With the first album we were 16 years-old when we wrote it,” 5SOS revealed to Notion. “But now we’ve been on tour for four and a half years, we’ve experienced stuff.

“We’ve written about a lot of different things on this album because we’re older and we’ve experienced more of life, so we’ve got more to talk about,” they added.

5 Seconds Of Summer's new album ‘Sounds Good Feels Good’ is out now and you can buy it here.

Check out the full tracklist for 5 Seconds Of Summer’s new album ’Sounds Good Feels Good’ below: 

  1. ‘Money’
  2. ‘She’s Kinda Hit’
  3. ‘Hey Everybody!’
  4. ‘Permanent Vacation’
  5. ‘Jet Black Heart’
  6. ‘Catch Fire’
  7. ‘Waste The Night’
  8. ‘Vapor’
  9. ‘Castaway’
  10. ‘Fly Away’
  11. ‘Invisible’
  12. ‘Airplanes’
  13. ‘San Francisco’
  14. ‘Outer Space / Carry On’

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