5 Seconds Of Summer Release Black And White ‘Amnesia’ Lyric Video – It’s Pretty Emosh!

2 July 2014, 10:18 | Updated: 3 July 2014, 10:21

The 5SOS boys have gone slow and soulful for their new track ‘Amnesia’ – and they are looking ALL kinds of hot in the lyric video for the track

We LOVE 5 Seconds of Summer when they are belting out their pop anthems like ‘Don’t Stop’, but we have seen a whole new side of the boys in the lyric video for their new track ‘Amnesia’ – and we are seriously impressed!

As well as helping us become word-perfect to the new song, the lyric video shows the 5SOS boys looking seriously mean and moody in black and white – we love this new side of them! The boys have definitely shown that they can do emotional just as well as they do upbeat in this break-up ballad. 

The boys previously posted the hand-written lyrics to the new track which was the only song on their album that they didn’t write themselves. The boys tweeted, “This is the only track we haven’t written on the album. It’s a standout for us because it was so incredible to write with the Madden Brothers in the past, and they had this song they wrote a while ago but couldn’t find anyone it suited… The song has so much meaning. It’s one of those songs that’s really heartfelt on the album, and it’s really special to us as a band.”

5 Seconds of Summer’s album is out now.