5SOS' Fan Mail Returns! Watch The Boys Reacting To YOUR Social Media Comments

24 July 2014, 10:26

The 'Don't Stop' boys read out some of our FAVOURITE fan comments from social media... with HILARIOUS results!

Some of you #5SOSFam members out there are VERY naughty… according to the boys themselves!

We at Capital challenged 5 Seconds Of Summer to read out (and react) to some of YOUR social media comments, and the boys' reactions are PRICELESS!

From Michael being challenged to say "penis" into the camera (to which he happily obliges), to one fan comment making Calum react with the ever-so-telling: "That's just so inappropriate!"

Watch PART THREE of 5SOS' Fan Mail above, as well as the first and second parts right here.

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Part One of 5SOS Fan Mail is below:

Enjoy Part Two of 5SOS Fan Mail below:

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Surely you want to find out what made Calum pull THIS face?