5 Seconds of Summer Get Excited For The #CapitalSTB

21 May 2014, 17:07

The 5SOS boys stopped by Capital to chat to Max ahead of their performance at Capital's Summertime Ball.

Ashton, Luke, Calum and Michael opened up to Max about how excited they are to perform to 80,000 screaming music fans, with Calum calling it a "blessing" to perform at the iconic Wembley Stadium on June 21st.

During a game of "Snog, Marry, Avoid", the Aussie group came to a unanimous decision that fellow Ball star Jessie J was definitely marriage material, whilst they'd like to snog Miley Cyrus.

Despite the band deciding to "Avoid" Ellie Goulding, Ashton came to her defence saying he loved her and her Facebook page.

Luke proved himself to be the least demanding member of the band, when he said that all he wanted as a dressing room demand was a shower - the rest of the guys can blame Michael for the Spice Girls playlist we'll be providing.

The boys also performed the Sprinkler dance, and one 5SOS member even admitted to using Tinder!

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