Kanye West And Melissa McCarthy Put Us Through The Most Awkward 40 Seconds... EVER.

The outspoken king of controversy, Kanye West, appeared on the trailer for the latest episode of 'Saturday Night Live'... And did nothing. It is so, so, so awkward.

Saturday Night Live is the biggest comedy show in the world, known for it's huge antics, slap-stick comedy and general wackiness, so you know what you're expecting to see when you're notified that latest trailer has dropped.

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The 'Bridesmaids' scene-stealer, Melissa McCarthy opens the teaser through the most tense, gritted teeth we have ever seen, as Kanye West gives her all of the side eye in the world, without saying one thing.

He has such a way with words, doesn't he?

Kanye West Yeezy Season 3

Maybe he just felt really weird because the entire cast was listening to 'Power'. Y'know, the song where he raps how SNL can kiss his bum? Yeah. That one...

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Not. Awkward. One. Bit.

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