WATCH: Tim Peake Chats About When He Thought He Saw Aliens... But The Reality Was SO Embarrassing!

30 October 2017, 06:00

You need to hear this to believe it...

Tim Peake is a British Army Air Corps officer, European Space Agency astronaut and a former International Space Station crew member.

What we're trying to say is that he's kind of a big deal.

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Tim Peake on Capital Breakfast w/ Roman Kemp

Which is why - when he hopped off his shuttle to chat to Roman Kemp - we had to ask him all about his adventures in space. That's when he dropped some news that shook us to our core...

Tim Peake has witnessed aliens.

Or, so he thought... It turns out that the intergalactic hero actually saw - wait for it - blobs of frozen wee. Not UFOs.

All we wanna do now is wrap Tim up in a nice blanket, give him a cuppa, and just look after him. Bless ol' Tim. <3

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Imagine Tim Peake returning to Earth, and visiting 'Sandy Balls' with Camila Cabello...