Zendaya hilariously drags the viral Dune: Part Two popcorn bucket

7 February 2024, 12:00

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Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Zendaya vs. the Dune: Part Two popcorn bucket is 2024's funniest beef so far.

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Would you stick your hand in the forbidden Dune: Part Two popcorn bucket?

Zendaya has now let it be known that she will not be eating her cinema snacks out of the bucket, and she hilariously dragged the viral piece of merch in the process.

In case you haven’t seen, AMC Theatres have released a special edition popcorn bucket in honour of the release of the film, starring Zendaya, Timothée Chalamet, Austin Butler and Florence Pugh.

The bucket comes with a lid that is meant to resemble the iconic Dune sandworms, but the whole thing ended up being roasted on social media because, well, people think it looks a little weird and... inappropriate.

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Zendaya hilariously drags the viral Dune: Part Two popcorn bucket
Zendaya hilariously drags the viral Dune: Part Two popcorn bucket. Picture: Entertainment Online via X, via X

The ‘Sandworm’ lid mirrors the weird fleshy look and texture of the Sandworms in the film, and even includes a small opening lined with ‘teeth’.

Plenty of jokes have already been made about how the bucket actually looks like a sex toy, and some cinema goers have flat out refused to buy one.

Now, the discourse has reached the cast of Dune and they have weighed in on how they feel about the whole thing. It looks like Zendaya is firmly on the "No" side of things when it comes to what she'll be eating popcorn out of.

Speaking to ET, she said: “It’s weird [...] But just from a purely like, an eating popcorn stand point, you can’t get anything out of it!"

"It pulls the popcorn out of your hand before you get it out. You go in, you get a handful, and by the time you get it out there’s nothing in your hand!" she continued.

While she's not a fan, Zendaya and Florence did agree that it’s "genius" from a marketing perspective because everyone is talking about it!

Florence saw an absolutely incredible silver lining, too: You can take it on fairground rides because the popcorn will not fall out of it.

But even after that positive take, it’s still a big ol’ no from Zendaya.

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