You season 4 soundtrack: All the songs in part 1

9 February 2023, 08:15

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Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

From Vampire Weekend and FINNEAS to Cardi B and Yeah Yeah Yeahs, here's all the songs in the first five episodes of You season 4.

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After almost a year and a half, Netflix's You has finally returned alongside Penn Badgley's Joe Goldberg (or should we say, Professor Jonathan Moore?) and another killer soundtrack.

Seeing as You season 4 has been split into two parts, there's only 5 episodes in the first half of the season which means the soundtrack so far only includes a handful of songs. That said, the likes of Vampire Weekend, FINNEAS, Cardi B and Yeah Yeah Yeahs all feature – setting the tone for the new season, which is set in London, England.

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So, if you're settling in for your binge watch and want to know what songs were played in each episode, here's a list of all the tracks you'll need to add to your Joe Goldberg Takes London playlist.

What songs are played in You season 4 part 1?

You season 4 soundtrack: Every song in Part 1
You season 4 soundtrack: Every song in Part 1. Picture: Netflix

You season 4 episode 1 songs:

  • Vampire Weekend - 'Oxford Comma'
  • Roosevelt - 'Strangers'
  • FINNEAS - 'The Kids Are All Dying'
  • Minuit - 'Paris Tropical'
  • Travelle - 'Vacation'
  • Yeah Yeah Yeahs - 'Heads Will Roll'
  • Cardi B - 'I Like It'
  • Valerie Broussard - 'Killer'

You season 4 episode 2 songs:

  • Brijean - 'Shy Guy'
  • breathe - 'Are You All Good?'
  • Sofi Tukker, Novak & YAX.X - 'Emergency'

You season 4 episode 3 songs:

  • Beginners - 'Trust No One'
  • Jungle - 'Can't Stop The Stars'

You season 4 episode 4 songs:

  • Saavan - 'Hollow'

You season 4 episode 5 songs:

  • Big Data - 'Dangerous ft. Joy Wave [Oliver Remix]'
Joe Goldberg returns in You season 4 under a new alias
Joe Goldberg returns in You season 4 under a new alias. Picture: Netflix

When does You season 4 part 2 come out?

Expect even more bops and bangers when You season 4's final 5 episodes drop on Netflix on March 9th.

You season 3's featured an absolutely incredible scene set to Taylor Swift's 'exile' and we've no doubt that the show will pull out another major music moment in the back half of season 4. Watch this space...

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