Who is the killer in You season 4? The identity of the Eat the Rich killer explained

9 February 2023, 23:59

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Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

You season 4 introduces a brand new serial killer to Joe's world. Who is the Eat the Rich killer though?

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The wait is over. You is finally back with even more murder and mayhem. However, Joe Goldberg is not responsible this time.

In You season 4, part 1, Joe relocates to London after faking his own death. Here, he takes on the guise of English professor Jonathan Moore and quickly becomes part of an elite social circle. It doesn't take long before things go south though. In the first episode, Joe gets blackout drunk and wakes up to find his colleague Malcolm stabbed to death on his dining table.

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At first, Joe believes that he killed Malcolm and quickly gets rid of the body. However, at the end of the episode, he receives a text from a mystery person who reveals that they murdered Malcolm and left Joe to deal with it. The rest of You season 4 part 1 then revolves around the mystery of who the killer is and they become known as the Eat the Rich killer.

Who is the Eat the Rich killer though and when does Joe find out who they are? Here's what we learn bout their identity.

Who kills Malcolm in You season 4? - WARNING: SPOILERS BELOW

Who is the killer in You season 4? The identity of the Eat the Rich Killer explained
Who is the killer in You season 4? The identity of the Eat the Rich Killer explained. Picture: Netflix

Throughout part 1, the Eat the Rich killer begins killing off more and more of the rich people in Joe's social circle. Simon and Gemma are both killed off after Malcolm. Joe also takes part in a bit of murder himself. When Adam's personal bodyguard Vic suspects that he may be trying to kill Adam, Joe murders Vic in a bid to protect himself.

In episode 5, Joe goes to Lady Phoebe's country estate with his rich friends. However, while there, they become convinced that Joe is the Eat the Rich Killer and Roald chases Joe into the woods. Joe manages to knock Roald out but immediately afterwards Rhys Montrose appears and knocks Joe out as well.

After locking Joe and a still unconscious Roald in an underground part of Lady Phoebe's estate, Rhys reveals that he is the killer and that Joe's previous murders actually inspired him. He then asks Joe to murder Roald and help him pin all of the deaths on Roald.

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Who killed Malcolm in You season 4?
Who killed Malcolm in You season 4? Picture: Netflix

Joe pretends to agree but when Rhys realises that he won't kill Roald, Rhys explains that he initially wanted to pin Malcolm's murder on Joe. It was only when Joe got rid of the body that he researched him and thought that they could work together.

As a result of Joe's reluctance, Malcolm sets fire to the room in which he's locked Joe and Roald. He says, if Joe manages to survive, they can try to work together again. Joe escapes and saves Roald but the entire estate burns down.

Part 1 ends with Joe back in London and seeing on TV that Rhys has officially announced his candidacy to become the Mayor of London.

We'll have to wait until part 2 to see if Joe stops Rhys and exposes him or ends up working with him.

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