The first You season 3 trailer is here and it's literally the best season yet

17 September 2021, 15:46

Watch the first trailer for You season 3

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Joe and Love burying a body while their baby son sits beside them? Makes sense, actually.

Whatever you thought might happen in You season 3, you're gonna have to think again... because based on the brand new trailer, it looks even better than anything we could have imagined.

Joe Goldberg is back, babes. Everyone's favourite stalker and his love, Love Quinn, are about to return as the thriller series drops on Netflix next month. Earlier today (Sept 17), the trailer for the third season was finally released and it is jam packed with murder, deceit, stalking, disposing of bodies, unbelievably good hair and much, much more.

The trailer also introduces us to Joe's neighbour Natalie, played by Michaela McManus.

Watch the full trailer at the top of the page and read ahead for all the latest info about You season 3.

You season 3 trailer: Joe and Love return
You season 3 trailer: Joe and Love return. Picture: Netflix

As we already know, You season 3 will introduce us all to Joe Goldberg the Daddy. (No, not like that, you filthy animals.)

Joe and Love have welcomed a son named Henry, and part of the third season will focus heavily on the two of them adjusting to their new life in the suburbs as parents, and working on their relationship in therapy. But with the two of them being murderers, things are obviously about to take a turn.

Season 3 will introduce 12 new characters who all end up playing a role in Joe and Love's new life. One of those characters is the mysterious next door neighbour, who we met at the end of season 2, that Joe immediately begins to get to know.

Joe Goldberg meets Natalie the neighbour in You season 3
Joe Goldberg meets Natalie the neighbour in You season 3. Picture: Netflix

Natalie has been described as Stepford-esque. And despite her social status and marriage to a powerful man, Natalie also leads a secret life that Joe is keen to work hard to learn more about.

Natalie features in the trailer and as Joe's obsession with her gets more intense, Love appears to pick up on his behaviour. Let's just say that it doesn't look like things go well for anyone in that situation.

You season 3: Joe's glass box makes a comeback
You season 3: Joe's glass box makes a comeback. Picture: Netflix

In the trailer, we also see that Joe and Love have transported the infamous glass box to a new location, so it's pretty clear that they're about to get up to their old murderous shenanigans.

Elsewhere, the couple team up to dispose of a dead body while their baby son sits alongside them as they dig a grave in the woods (!!), Love attacks a couple of people with rolling pins and axes (!!), Joe dons his stalker cap once again (!!) and their new friends grow suspicious.

You season 3 is released on Netflix on October 15th.