You creator hints that Ellie could expose Joe in season 3

7 January 2020, 17:44

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Sera Gamble also revealed her plans for what else will happen in You season 3 on Netflix.

You season 3 still hasn't been confirmed by Netflix yet but showrunner Sera Gamble has now revealed what will happen in it and if Jenna Ortega will be back as Ellie Alves.

You season 2 came out last month (Dec 26) and fans are already demanding to see that much anticipated third season. Thankfully, there is already a lot of evidence to suggest that it's happening. Firstly, Deadline have reported that Netflix have been awarded a $7.213 million tax credit from the state of California to finance the production of You season 3. Sounds a little bit suspicious, right?

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If that weren't enough, Penn Badgley accidentally teased a third season in a recent Entertainment Tonight interview. Talking about Love, he said: "She doesn't appear to be the same kind of person. Dare I say, I think in the third season... Oh, God." He then said he "literally know[s] nothing about the third season" but it seems pretty certain that it's in the works.

Now, Sera Gamble has added fuel to the fire by teasing what will happen to Joe in season 3 and if Ellie will come back.

You creator hints that Ellie could expose Joe in season 3
You creator hints that Ellie could expose Joe in season 3. Picture: Netflix

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Sera said: "When we originally sold the show, we very broadly described it as each season would be a new love obsession and a new world. Season one is Beck in New York, and season two is Love in L.A., and so we are evoking where we would like to go, which is to a much more suburban, insular world where Joe would be a complete fish out of water. And now Love occupies a very different place because she is the mother of his child but also not the woman he thought she was."

She then added: "I think to me, the most important thing about that last scene is just it is confirmation that Joe is still Joe in a way that's not going to be great for Joe. That he has not learned that he cannot just keep looking for the next person to attach his hopes and dreams to that way. It seems clear that he's falling into some version of that same pattern. I can't say that we know exactly what a season three would be, but I can say things won't go well for Joe."


Sera also hinted that Ellie could be pivotal in thwarting Joe. She explained: "Part of the fun of Joe is that he is not very good at doing bad things. He doesn't plan them well. He doesn't execute them perfectly like a mastermind. And so there is always the worry that things from his past are going to catch up with him. What's great about that is it creates a landscape for the show where you do get to revisit your favourite characters moving forward."

She continued: "Ellie is still in Joe's life. He's sending her money. She hates him, but he is sending her money. So that door remains open for us. And as you saw in season two, I mean Beck was dead and she came back. One of my favourite things to do is bring back a dead person to haunt you. So the door is wide open for everybody's favourite characters."

In other words, Ellie could thwart Joe and expose him for all of his crimes? BRING ON SEASON 3!

What would you like to happen in You season 3?