You season 3's cast and plot has been revealed

27 April 2021, 10:10

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Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Showrunner Sera Gamble has called You season 3 "f---ing bonkers".

You season 3 has officially finished filming and is set to be released at some point at the end of 2021, with Penn Badgley and Victoria Pedretti returning as Joe Goldberg and Love Quinn.

Details about what's gonna happen next in the twisted world of Joe and Love are already starting to trickle in and we've now got some major ideas of what season 3 will be about.

Taking to Twitter to tease the new season, show runner Sera Gamble said: "The episodes are fucking bonkers and the performances are insanely good."

In addition to 12 new characters (!!) being added to the new season, the plot for season 3 has also been revealed – and it's not looking great for Joe's new neighbour.

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You Season 3: Joe's neighbour has been revealed
You Season 3: Joe's neighbour has been revealed. Picture: Netflix

You season 3 plot: What happens next?

As we saw at the end of season 2, Joe and Love have now moved to the suburbs. Season 3 will begin to explore the new location, stepping away from the Los Angeles setting.

Joe and Love are now in couple's therapy and they have a new baby, named Henry. Love's mother Dottie (Saffron Burrows) returns to dote on Love and the baby, following the death of Forty.

Joe develops an obsession over his Stepford-esque neighbour Natalie (Michaela McManus) – who is definitely not his mother, as fans previously theorised. Despite her social status and marriage to a powerful man, Natalie leads a secret life and Joe is keen to work hard to learn more about it.

We also dive deeper into Joe's childhood through flashbacks, finding out young Joe (Jack Fisher) was bullied mercilessly while in a Boy's Home.

Elsewhere, Love tries to navigate her new neighbourhood's clique-y inner circle, led by "Mom-fluencer" Sherry (Shalita Grant). Despite her down-to-earth vibes, Sherry is actually a mean girl who only pretends to welcome Love into her social circle. The circle also includes life coach Kiki (Shannon Chan-Kent) and stay-at-home-dad Andrew (Chris O’Shea) – both gossip enthusiasts.

Observing all of this is librarian Marienne (Tati Gabrielle) who watches the neighbours every move, and is far too savvy to fall for their entitled and oblivious ways. It seems like she may discover some things that she'd be better off not knowing.

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You season 3 cast: Who are the new characters?

As well as the seven characters mentioned above, here's the rest of the new characters that are joining the new season:

- Cary (Travis Van Winkle), a wealthy man who invites Joe into his inner circle.

- Matthew (Scott Speedman), a successful CEO, husband, and uncommunicative father. He's reserved, mysterious, and has a tendency to be withdrawn.

- Theo (Dylan Arnold), a wise and perceptive, but vulnerable and troubled college student with a strained and complicated relationship with his stepfather.

- Dante (Ben Mehl), a librarian, a veteran and a family man, who retains his wit and equanimity no matter what the day brings.

- Brandon (Christopher Sean), Kiki’s husband, who struck it rich in his mid 20’s as a tech investor, is now a stay-at-home dad for his kids.

- Jackson (Bryan Safi), Andrew’s wry husband; they have an enviable, loving marriage.

- Gil (Mackenzie Astin), a mild-mannered geology professor is thoughtful, friendly, and genuinely good-hearted if a bit vanilla and naive.

- Dr. Chandra (Ayelet Zurer), a chic, brusque, but extremely seasoned couple’s therapist who has every intention of getting to the bottom of her patients’ issues.

And now we ask the important question: How many of these characters will make it out of season 3 alive? Who knows! But we'll find out when You season 3 is finally released at the end of 2021. See you soon, neighbour x

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