Victoria Pedretti was "disappointed" with Love Quinn's twist ending in You season 2

14 January 2020, 13:57

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

“Ummm, I was really… her."

By now, you should have seen the end of You season 2, right? If not, what are you doing here?! The final episode of the Netflix thriller series starring Penn Badgley dropped a huge bombshell on fans with multiple twists and one ending that will keep us all busy theorising until season 3.

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The cast have been out and about breaking the season down, addressing all your theories and explaining the actions of their very bad characters, including Victoria Pedretti, who plays our new sociopathic fave Love Quinn.

While speaking at BUILD, Victoria revealed that she was actually "disappointed" in the big Love plot twist at the end of season 2. Not disappointed in the storyline, but disappointed in the character.

Victoria Pedretti reacts to Love Quinn's twist ending in You season 2
Victoria Pedretti reacts to Love Quinn's twist ending in You season 2. Picture: Netflix

During the interview, Victoria revealed that she found out about Love's big secret around half way into the production: "I found that out – that she was going to kill people and that she had had killed people – about half way into production. Like exactly how it was gonna go down."

Later, when she was asked by a fan what her reaction was to finding out that Love was a killer, she said: "Ummm, I was really… her."

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"But, you know, then I had to let that go," she clarified. "When you really believe in a character, you want them to do good in the world, but, as we all know, we don’t always do that. Sometimes we do bad things and we hurt people."

She continued: "It was like: 'Ahh, man.' Also then him like completely rejecting her was like: 'Ahh, man!' but then you have to let it go because you’re like 'I have to do it now,' so then it was about rising to the challenge and getting it done."

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For anyone who has read the original sequel book, Hidden Bodies, by Caroline Kepner, you'll know that Love's story was completely different – and somewhat in line with how Victoria wanted her, we assume, to turn out in the series.

Love was never actually a murderer in the book; Joe kills Delilah instead. In the end, Love then finds out about Joe's crimes (killing Beck, Peach and everyone else) and accepts him for who he is. She tells him she is pregnant and that's that. Murder is not a dealbreaker for this lady!

While season 3 is yet to be confirmed, it sounds like there's going to be much much more to dive into when it comes to Love, her life, her childhood, her pregnancy and her penchant for murder. Joe Goldberg is shaking.