You season 2 had a completely different ending for Joe in the book

3 January 2020, 18:13

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

You season 2 is based on Caroline Kepner's sequel Hidden Bodies but the Netflix series doesn't end like the novel.

Netflix viewers are losing it over the wild You season 2 finale but it turns out that it's nothing like the real ending in the books.

Ever since You season 1 first aired in 2018, we've been desperate to find out exactly what happens to stalker/serial killer Joe Goldberg next. Would he get away with his crimes? Would Candace stop him? Would he find a new woman to obsess over? You season 2 sees Joe move to LA to hide from Candace and there he becomes infatuated with aspiring chef Love Quinn.

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You fans will likely already know that the series is based on two popular books by Caroline Kepnes. Season 1 follows You the novel pretty faithfully but season 2 has a completely different ending for Joe than the one we see in the TV series.


You season 2 had a completely different ending for Joe in the books
You season 2 had a completely different ending for Joe in the books. Picture: Netflix

You season 2 ends with Joe and Love in a romantic relationship. Love is pregnant (with Joe's daughter... or so we think!) and they move to the suburbs of LA to raise their unborn child. Love not only knows that Joe is a serial killer and a stalker but it turns out that she is a serial killer and a stalker too. The season ends with Joe finding a new obsession in his neighbour.

However, in the book, Hidden Bodies, Joe doesn't end up in the suburbs. First things first, there is no twist at all that Love is a serial killer. Joe murders Delilah himself and, instead of Forty being shot by police, Joe takes him to the desert in Nevada and drowns him in the local hot springs. He says: "I can't let him smother her anymore. I love her too much for that."

Love finds out about Joe's escapades (except for the killing Forty part) and she accepts him for the cold-blooded murderer he is. We're not kidding. Joe tells Love about Beck, Peach and everyone else. Love then decides to stay with him because she is in love with him and the world is a bad place anyway?!! She then tells him she is pregnant and that's that.


However, Joe does not escape. Dr. Nicky gives the police a tip about a mysterious patient he thinks framed him for Beck's murder. They then find out that it's Joe and build up evidence which connects him to his many killings. The novel finishes with Joe in jail for his crimes believing that Love's rich family will help him get off scot-free.

Joe's last thought is: "I’m one of the rich people now, the untouchables. These fuckers can't nail me."

Which ending do you prefer?