Penn Badgley goes viral after narrating fan's life in character as Joe Goldberg

2 November 2021, 15:32

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Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

"Hello, you. Oh, the manga section? Ok, you have my attention."

Have you ever had the strange urge to hear what Joe Goldberg would sound like if he was to narrate your life? If your answer to that question is yes, then Penn Badgley himself is happy to provide that special service for you.

Last week, Penn took to Netflix's official TikTok account to make a few fans' ever so slightly concerning dreams come true.

Responding to the #NarrateMeJoe hashtag, Penn slipped back into Joe Goldberg mode (sans blue baseball cap) and narrated a couple of TikTok videos in character as Joe, as if he was stalking his next obsession. And honestly? He killed it.

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Penn Badgley narrates people's lives as Joe Goldberg on TikTok
Penn Badgley narrates people's lives as Joe Goldberg on TikTok. Picture: Netflix, Netflix via TikTok

Penn narrated two short TikToks as Joe, and it appeared as thought he improvised his narration, pulling references and lines lines from the show itself.

The first video shows user @saint.drew washing a vintage sweater – and as we all know, Joe loves fixing things...

"So, the first step to fixing something is to know that no matter how destroyed it seems, it can always be saved," he says, calling back to a line from season 1. "Every stain, like a broken relationship can be treated. The right combination of tenderness, love, care and sometimes a lethal amount of industrial strength bleach can set things right."

The second video sees Joe follow TikTok user @kaseyf around a book store – his favourite place.

"Hello, you. Oh, the manga section. Ok, you have my attention," Joe begins. "You search volume by volume carefully. You're particular, I can see that 'cause I'm like three feet away from you. What fantasy are you envisioning in your head right now? What manga is drawing your perfect life? I have to know."

Fans couldn't get enough of Penn's narration in the comments. One user wrote, "He rlly improvised and left no crumbs [sic]", with another adding, "The fact that he doesn't even need a script!!!"

Others also couldn't help but be jealous of Joe's attention: "Kasey, how does it feel to live my dreams?"

10/10, would let Joe Goldberg stalk me for a day and narrate my life. Don't let Love Quinn see this x

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