Penn Badgley unofficially 'confirms' You season 3

31 December 2019, 15:54

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Netflix has not yet confirmed You season 3 but Penn Badgley's interview with Entertainment Tonight hints that an official announcement could be on the way soon.

If you're anything like us, you probably raced through the 10 episodes of Netflix's You season 2 in no time at all. Joe and his diabolical baseball cap were back for plenty of drama this season, and we're practically counting down the days until we can dive back into the tangled web of Joe and Love's complicated family unit.

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We’ve heard rumours that You Season 3 could already be in the works at Netflix and now Penn Badgley has only increased our sneaking suspicion that that is definitely the case. During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Penn began musing about Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti) in season 3 but quickly backtracked, presumably after remembering that nothing has been made official when it comes to a third season for the hit Netflix show.

Warning: Very mild spoilers for You season 2 ahead. Don't say you weren't warned.

SAG-AFTRA Foundation Conversations: "You"
SAG-AFTRA Foundation Conversations: "You". Picture: Getty

"She doesn't appear to be the same kind of person, she doesn't appear to be the same kind of predator," he said of Victoria Pedretti's character. "Dare I say, I think in the third season," he continued, before catching himself with a fluttering eye-roll. "Oh, God."


When pressed for more season 3 details, Penn was quick to clarify that he "literally know[s] nothing about the third season".

He added: "I mean, technically I can't...I mean, like, unofficially. But I'm not the person who can say anything official."

So, will You have a season 3?

Honestly. Yeah, there will probably be a third season of the show. We're not psychic or anything but You is a hit and Netflix loves a hit. Penn also seems to be looking ahead to next season, which is a good sign.

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As Penn pointed out, we'll have to wait for an official announcement from Netflix HQ. But, fingers crossed, that will come soon because we are dying to know the true identity of Joe's mysterious new neighbour and we bet you are too.

What do you guys think? What should happen in You season 3?