Netflix reveals first look photos of Joe's new victim in You season 2

22 November 2019, 13:37

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

You returns to Netflix for season 2 on December 26 and new first-look photos hint that Joe is keeping a close eye on newcomer, Love Quinn. Plus, will Candace spell trouble for Joe after their surprise reunion at the end of season 1?

We regret to inform you that Joe Goldberg is at it again. You returns for season 2 on 26 December and Netflix have given fans a first look at the thrilling new season.

Joe (Penn Badgley) picks up in season 2 with a new obsession, Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti), and a change of scenery, Los Angeles. We may not have a full (non-teaser) You season 2 trailer just yet, but they say a picture is worth a thousand words. These first look photos tell the story of Joe confronting some of his ghosts from season 1 and also demonstrating his budding obsession with new character, Love.

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In one photo we witness Joe sitting down at a table holding hands with his ex, Candace (Ambyr Childers), who we discovered was actually alive at the end of season 1.

Joe and Candace You season 2
Joe and Candace You season 2. Picture: Netflix

Season 1's big red herring involved viewers being brought along on the baffling mystery of why Candace had suddenly dropped off the face of the earth and whether Joe was behind her disappearance. But, just as the last episode was closing, Candace walked into Joe's bookshop and right back into his life.

He may have thought that he'd tied up all his loose ends, however, Candace is one hell of a loose end he'll have to address come season 2. Could the photo be a scene where the two catch up with one another after their surprise reunion?

Joe and Love season 2 Netflix
Joe and Love season 2 Netflix. Picture: Netflix

Meanwhile, Joe is enamoured with aspiring chef Love Quinn, and he seems to be keeping a close eye on her in the first look photo. This is the Joe we all know from season 1. He's fixated and is already having boundary issues with his latest object of affection.

Joe meets Love after he moves to Los Angeles and discovers quickly that LA isn't exactly his scene. Despite being down on Los Angeles, Joe is positively high on Love.

You'll know Victoria Pedretti from The Haunting of Hill House, where she plays Nellie Crain. She'll be back for that particular Netflix anthology in 2020 as governess Dani in The Haunting of Bly Manor.


Joe, Candace and Love return to Netflix for some edge-of-your-seat drama in season 2 from 26 December. Your post-Christmas TV binge is sorted. Let's just hope Love has invested in some quality curtains – for her sake.

What do you guys think? Will you be watching You season 2 this December?