Is Beck in You season 2? Here’s how the season 1 character appears

26 December 2019, 08:00

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Joe killed Beck in You season 1, but old habits die hard and so do old girlfriends. Here's how Beck pops up in You season 2.

It's been a long time coming but You season 2 on Netflix has finally arrived. Since we last left things back in You season 1, Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) has moved to Los Angeles and assumed a new identity–Will Bettelheim. Guinevere Beck (Elizabeth Lail) is still dead and Joe has another woman, Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti), in his crosshairs. Love Quinn is very different from Joe's season 1 love interest, but does Beck appear in You season 2? Here's how she lives on in the second season, despite Joe killing her in season 1.

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WARNING: Spoilers for You season 2 ahead.

"In my dreams, Beck's alive," Joe says early on in the new episodes. It's clear that Joe has Beck front of mind as he becomes accustomed to his new life on the west coast. He's gotten away with murder but old habits die hard and so do old girlfriends–as also evidenced by Candace's reappearance in his life.

As Joe tries to move on with his life with Love, he can't help but see visions of Beck, the woman he killed in the basement of Mooney's.

Netflix You season 1 Beck
Netflix You season 1 Beck. Picture: Netflix

Is Beck in You season 2? - The season 1 character is dead but not completely gone.

The first time we see Beck in You season 2 is in episode 2. After a spying session where Joe hides in the bushes to overhear a conversation between Love and her friends, he stands up to leave and sees that Beck is across the street staring him down.

"Am I losing my mind?" Joe muses.

Later, Joe sees Beck during an argument with Love. She's standing out in the hall while he and Love are discussing the complicated nature of their relationship.

Of course, this is all down to the shock he's experiences after his finger is cut off by the mobster who thinks he really is Will Bedelheim. Unable to get his detached finger to a hospital, Joe spends the day bleeding all over Los Angeles and, well, hallucinating.

We already understand that Joe is a complex character and feels his own brand of guilt when it comes to Beck's death. So, as he loses blood and his body goes into shock it's not unusual that he might see Beck's ghost just as he's trying to move forward in his love life and his Love life (get it?!)

Beck You season 2
Beck waches Joe from across the street in You season 2. Picture: Netflix

How did Beck die in You season 1?

For anyone who forgot how Beck met her untimely demise here's how Joe killed his season 1 love interest.

Beck had been investigating the disappearance of Candice when Joe caught her snooping through the box of "keepsakes" he kept in his bathroom. When he realises that she's onto him, he locks her in his glass cage where they have a tense showdown.


Beck tries everything to escape, including pretending to love Joe and be sympathetic toward him.

When Beck does manage to get out of the glass cage, she knocks Joe unconscious and makes a run for it. Unfortunately, Joe manages to grab her and kill her off-screen.

Tidily enough, Joe makes her death look like a murder perpetrated by her therapist, Dr. Nick (John Stamos). Through this book, Beck achieves a level of fame that she may not have otherwise achieved.

What do you guys think? Does Joe genuinely feel guilty for killing Beck?