35 memes from Netflix's 'You' that will give you serious trust issues

8 January 2019, 12:21

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Everyone is obsessed with YOU and the memes are hilarious...

It may have come out in 2018 but YOU is already the breakout Netflix series of 2019. The psychological thriller originally aired on Lifetime in the US but has since moved to Netflix and now it's being binged all over the world. From its incredible cast (Penn Badgley, Elizabeth Lail and Shay Mitchell all star in it) to its terrifying plot line (it's about a stalker), fans are as obsessed with every single aspect of it.

Netflix's 'You' changed one major detail from book's original ending

The show follows Joe Goldberg (Penn), a bookstore manager with a mysterious past, who stalks Guinevere Beck (Elizabeth), a graduate student and aspiring writer. So far, so simple. Except Joe manages to orchestrate a relationship with Beck and, in the process, commits multiple horrifying acts. The series is so wild and gripping that it has officially broken the internet with memes.

35 YOU Netflix memes that are creepier than Joe Goldberg
35 YOU Netflix memes that are creepier than Joe Goldberg. Picture: Netflix

From Beck's lack of curtains (so much of her drama could have been avoided with curtains) to THAT boat scene (think of the children), there are so many WTF moments in the show that it translates perfectly to being memed. With that in mind, we've scoured social media and gathered together 37 of the funniest, creepiest and help me I'm being stalked YOU memes all in one place for you.

1. Some people are already changing their New Year's resolutions.


2. Others are noting down what they learned from the series.

That glass box is giving us nightmares.

3. Let's get back to the curtains though.

Make it make sense.

4. It bears repeating.

Seriously, WTF?

5. Then there's the fact that Beck has sex where everyone on the street can see.

An exhibitionist.

6. One or two viewers are asking the important questions.

Seriously, why?

7. Joe really is one of the most fucked up characters in the history of television.

The accuracy.

8. He has no chill.


9. Thankfully Beck realises he is a creep even if it's too late.

Murder is not cute.

10. Her final speeches were legendary.


11. And yet some viewers like Joe?

Go see a psychiatrist now.

12. Thankfully one true icon always knew that there was something fishy about Joe.

Shay Mitchell really came through.

13. Also this was hilarious.

Queen of getting under people's skin.

14. Joe really didn't take to it well.

It's what he deserves.

15. Okay maybe Peach is a bit of a psychopath too but she didn't kill anyone.

There are levels to this.

16. Also the irony of Joe calling Peach out.

What a dick.

17. The lack of self-awareness.

I can't.

18. That bath scene.

This meme never gets old.

19. She always fucked up Joe's plans in the best way.

You can't not love her.

20. She was onto that dead body too.

She knew something was up.

21. I'm crying at how well this fits though.

This tweet deserves an award.

22. Still Joe is the worst.

The audacity of THIS bitch.

23. Beck really was screwed as soon as she found those teeth.

The beginning of the end.

24. Just like Benji before her.


25. Candace really shook Joe though.

I stan a potentially problematic legend.

26. There seems to be one common reaction to the series.


27. Also justice for Karen Minty.

A likeable legend.

28. She also dealt with that break-up flawlessly.

An inspiration.

29. A few fans are coming up with theories as to who Joe really is.

It fits.

30. Dan Humphrey literally stalked people as Gossip Girl.

What happened to Serena?

31. The moral of the story is not to go anywhere near Joe Goldberg or a Penn Badgley look-a-like.

You can never be too safe.

32. Now people can't trust the men in their lives.

It's best to take precautions.

33. Or anything really.

That Charles Dickens episode was wild.

34. Still long live the memes.

They are all iconic.

35. And bring on Season 2.

We're ready to go through this all over again.