Who Plays Adele In Behind Her Eyes? 5 Facts On Eve Hewson

23 February 2021, 17:44

Eve Hewson plays Adele in Behind Her Eyes
Eve Hewson plays Adele in Behind Her Eyes. Picture: Getty / Netflix

Eve Hewson plays Adele in Netflix series Behind Her Eyes, but who is the actress and what else has she starred in?

By Kathryn Knight

Behind Her Eyes is the latest psychological drama Netflix fans are obsessed with, and viewers are keen to know more about the actress who plays Adele.

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Adele is of course Tom Bateman’s character David’s wife, with a complicated history behind her and a bunch of secrets for new BFF Louise (Simona Brown) – who’s simultaneously having an affair with David.

But we’re not here to tell you the spoilers, and once the audience has got over that massive twist you definitely did not see coming, viewers want to know where they’ve seen Eve Hewson, who plays Adele, before.

Here’s everything you need to know about Eve, including films and shows she’s starred in, where she’s from, and all about her famous dad Bono.

Who is Eve Hewson, how old is she?

Eve, who plays Adele in Behind Her Eyes, is a 29-year-old actress with famous parents Bono and Ali.

After making a name for herself in films and TV shows Eve said to The Telegraph she feels like “an individual” after branching away from being known as the daughter of her famous parents.

Eve Hewson plays Adele in Behind Her Eyes
Eve Hewson plays Adele in Behind Her Eyes. Picture: Netflix

Where is Eve Hewson from?

Eve is from Dublin in Ireland, but lives in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, in America.

She said she spent 10 years living in New York before dividing her time between there and London while shooting Behind Her Eyes.

Which films has Eve Hewson been in?

Eve has been in a number of films and TV series, her most notable roles in Bridge of Spies, TV show The Knick, and 2018’s Robin Hood.

In 2020 she appeared in BBC series The Luminaries and new series Behind Her Eyes has certainly made her a well known name.

Eve Hewson has also been in The Luminairies
Eve Hewson has also been in The Luminairies. Picture: Eve Hewson/Instagram

Who is Eve Hewson’s dad?

Eve is one of four kids to musician Bono and his wife Alison, a businesswoman and activist.
Speaking to The Telegraph about her famous parents, Eve said: “To be honest, I was never going to have my anonymity and be a regular Joe. 

“I was always going to have eyes on me, whatever I did, so it's been great to build my own identity and my own career and feel like I'm an individual now, as opposed to a part of something or someone else.”

Bono with wife Alison and daughters Eve and Jordan
Bono with wife Alison and daughters Eve and Jordan. Picture: Getty

Does Eve Hewson have Instagram?

Eve does have Instagram! You can follow her @memphisevehewson where she’s fast growing hundreds of thousands of followers.

She tends to keep her posts to behind-the-scenes shots from whatever she’s filming – there’s heaps on Behind Her Eyes – and the glamorous photo shoots she’s done with multiple glossy magazines.

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