Who Is Cassidy Bullock On "Riverdale" And Who Killed Him?

17 May 2018, 17:22

Who Is Cassidy Bullock On Riverdale
Picture: The CW
Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Archie was arrested for the murder of Cassidy - but who is he and who really killed him?

The finale of Riverdale finally hit our screens last night and if we're behind honest with you, we're not sure we've quite come to terms with everything that happened just yet. Jughead's fate was revealed, Fang's true fate was revealed, the second black hood was captured and killed and SOMEONE went to jail for a crime they didn't commit.

------> SPOILERS AHEAD! <-------

Yep, the finale episode ended on a big ol' cliffhanger with ya boi Archie Andrews being arrested and dragged to jail by Sheriff Minetta on suspicion of the murder of Cassidy Bullock.

Now, we all know that Archie didn't actually kill Cassidy but the mere mention of a name we literally only ever heard once had fans scrambling to find out who he actually was. Seriously, who the hell is Cassidy Bullock? And who the hell killed him?


If you cast your minds back to episode 14, titled "The Hills Have Eyes", where the core four took a weekend trip to Lodge Lodge at Shadow Lake, you'll remember that Cassidy was the young man who ran the store that Betty and Veronica paid a visit to. He flirted with Veronica but it soon turned out that he had ulterior motives.

One night, while at the cabin, the squad ended up being confronted by a group of hooded thugs. After Veronica hit the panic button in her bedroom, the group fled, but Archie chased after them. He managed to catch up to one of them - Cassidy - who was later shot and killed. Of course, as we all know - Archie did not kill Cassidy. As far as we've been lead to believe, Cassidy was shot to death by Hiram's hitman Andre. Archie, who was running away from the scene, simply heard the gunshot behind him.

But after threatening Hiram at the end of the finale episode, Archie was arrested by the corrupt Sheriff Minetta for the murder of Cassidy. With Cassidy dead and Andre now dead, both loose ends have been tied up and no one is about to start asking questions.

Archie has been well and truly framed by Hiram and it looks like there's going to be a looooong storyline ahead of us in season three. #FreeArchie