QUIZ: Which Too Hot To Handle season 2 contestant are you?

7 July 2021, 16:43

Too Hot To Handle's Peter Vigilante and Melinda Melrose recreate steamy scene in front of his mum

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Marvin? Melinda? Chase? There can only be one…

Too Hot To Handle is officially over for another year and, whew, what a wild ride it was.

Season 2 saw the contestants battle with their sexual urges and try to form more meaningful connections with each other. As you know, some were more successful than others at controlling themselves, but after some tough love from Lana and multiple deductions from the $100,000 prize fund, Marvin went back to Paris with the $55,000 and a girlfriend.

We know you've been dying to know which Too Hot To Handle Season 2 cast member you actually are and wonder no more because we have the answers. Take this fool-proof quiz and reveal the truth.

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