QUIZ: Which Gossip Girl character are you, really?

29 May 2020, 16:56

Gossip Girl - Serena, Dan and Blair
Gossip Girl - Serena, Dan and Blair. Picture: The CW
KJ  Charles

By KJ Charles

Don't miss out! Gossip Girl is where all the drama is, and drama's never a bad thing! Right?

Gossip Girl. A brilliant show from The CW that has owned many of our screens for a long, long time. If you thought the hype was over, well, you definitely thought wrong!

This quiz will give you another taste of how amazing the show is and how relatable all of its characters are. Although a lot of us are sad that the show is over, why not just embrace the fact that it happened and is one of the greatest things to ever grace Netflix?! Besides, it may not be over yet...

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With so much character variety, you could end this quiz with anyone from Bossy Blair to Dictating Diana. Get answering now and find out who you are!