Where Is Mean Girls's 'Janis Ian Actress Lizzy Caplan Now?

1 February 2021, 09:46

Where is Mean Girls's Janis Ian actress Lizzy Caplan now?
Where is Mean Girls's Janis Ian actress Lizzy Caplan now? Picture: Mean Girls Paramount Pictures/ PA

Janis Ian is one of the most iconic characters of all time thanks to her unforgettable one liners and gothic look- so you'll be surprised to know Lizzy Caplan been in some of your favourite shows, she just looks completely different!

Mean Girls wouldn't be the iconic film it is without Janis Ian front and centre calling everyone out on their BS in her hilariously badass attitude and the actress, Lizzy Caplan, will certainly be known for the role forevermore.

However, Lizzy, 38, has been a working actress ever since the 2006 comedy and been in some enormous shows and films including New Girl, Cloverfield and Hot Tub Time Machine to name a few.

She also looks nothing like Janis Ian, in what may be slightly less surprising news.

Is Mean Girls On Netflix UK?

Mean Girls stopped Lizzy Caplan landing roles for a while

After the film that put her on the map came out, Lizzy revealed to The Independent:

"I remember after Mean Girls I didn’t work again for a long time."

"After Mean Girls, I didn’t work again until I dyed my hair blonde and got a spray tan."

"If they made Mean Girls now, I think that character would not be so pushed aside for future roles."

"There’d be more opportunities for somebody playing the weird goth girl in a movie than there was back then."

Uh, yeah?! It's one of the most memorable and hilarious roles of all time.

Now You See Me 2

People love to point out characters from other films popping up elsewhere and pretty much everyone was surprised to see Janis, AKA Lizzy, oozing with glamour in 2016 heist thriller, Now You See Me 2.

Starring alongside acting legends Morgan Freeman, Jesse Eisenberg and Mark Ruffalo, Lizzy plays a witty, multi-talented thief and the director, Jon Chu, said he wrote the role for Lizzy before even knowing she was available, being a huge fan after seeing Mean Girls.

The power that film has!

New Girl

Lizzy took on the role of Julia Cleary, Nick's girlfriend and no nonsense lawyer and for many it was the the first time they were seeing Lizzy un-Janis'ed (that can be a word, right?)

If you're wanting to catch her episodes they're in the very first series, so, no spoiler or anything but things don't work out between her and Nick!

Apocalyptic Cloverfield came out just two years after Mean Girls, in 2008, which couldn't be further from the comedy but Lizzy couldn't resist returning to the genre, starring in Hot Tub Time Machine in 2010.

All in all, she continues to have a successful acting career in a wide range of genres- but no one, not even here, is denying Janis will likely remain her most recognisable and career-defining role ever.

Because duh, it was iconic!

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