Veronica chose between Archie and Reggie in Riverdale and fans are divided

24 January 2019, 12:10

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Archie returned to Riverdale and Veronica had to decide whether or not to break-up with Reggie...

It's no secret that Riverdale is one of our favourite series on TV right now. Ever since it first aired in 2017, the teen drama has come up with new and unexpected ways to surprise us, move us and make us completely lose our minds. From the mystery of the Black Hood (what a douchebag) to the saga of the Gargoyle King (we finally have some huge answers), Riverdale has taken over all our lives and we adore it.

However, it wouldn't be Riverdale without its iconic ships. From Bughead (crime solving legends) to Choni (flawless queens), the show is filled with romance and we absolutely love it. Even the adults have amazing relationships that hold the hit series together (justice for Falice). However, no ships have split fans more than Varchie and Veggie and last night Veronica had to choose between Archie and Reggie.

Does Veronica choose Archie or Reggie?

Riverdale: Does Veronica choose Archie or Reggie?
Riverdale: Does Veronica choose Archie or Reggie? Picture: The CW

Longterm Riverdale viewers will already know that Archie previously broke up with Veronica when he left Riverdale to escape Hiram and, in that time, Veronica struck up a budding romance with Reggie. However, this week Archie made a shock return to Riverdale and Veronica immediately called things off with Reggie. In a bid to avoid hurting Archie, Veronica also chose to keep all things Veggie secret.

Secrets do not stay secret for long in Riverdale though and the Veggie truth soon leaked out in a misunderstanding between Reggie and Archie. Archie took it well initially (they were on a break) but things took a big turn for the worse when Hiram got shot and Veronica assumed it was Archie. She then broke up with him and it looks like she's rekindled things with Reggie.

Unsurprisingly, fans are shook. Here are just a few of the reactions.

First fans were hurt Veronica dropped Reggie so quick.

That cut deep.

Reggie took it so well too.

Pure king.

Like he was still there for her in spite of it.

When will your fave?

One or two viewers weren't buying the nice guy act.

No comment.

While others were calling out Archie.

Some points were made.

Also since when did Veronica love Hiram so much?

We get it. He's her dad... but STILL.

In conclusion, Varchie stans are pressed...

That episode was a rollercoaster.

...and Veggie fans are living.


What do you think? Are you team Veggie or Varchie?