Tyler Posey says the Teen Wolf movie proves the franchise can exist without Dylan O'Brien

3 March 2023, 12:10

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Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Tyler Posey wanted to prove that he can carry Teen Wolf "alone" with the new movie.

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Tyler Posey has revealed that he wanted Teen Wolf: The Movie to prove the franchise can continue on without Dylan O'Brien.

Shortly after Teen Wolf: The Movie was first announced, Dylan O'Brien confirmed that he wouldn't be returning to play Stiles Stilinski. Speaking with Variety about his decision, Dylan stated: "Ultimately, I just decided it was left in a really good place for me and I still want to leave it there." Since the film dropped this year, fans have been divided over Dylan's absence.

Now, Tyler has opened up about filming Teen Wolf: The Movie without Dylan and why it was important to do it without him.

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Tyler Posey says the Teen Wolf movie proves that Teen Wolf can exist without Dylan O'Brien
Tyler Posey says the Teen Wolf movie proves that Teen Wolf can exist without Dylan O'Brien. Picture: Irvin Rivera/Getty Images for IMDb, MTV

Appearing on the Zach Sang Show, Tyler was asked if he's "sick of being asked" about Dylan not being part of the Teen Wolf movie. Tyler then said: "No. 100 percent. I love him. I’m never gonna speak for him but he’s a huge part of the show and my life so it makes sense. I equate it to when Blink broke up and people asked Mark, ‘Where’s Tom?'"

Tyler continued: "It’s something that I think might be annoying if I didn’t love him and respect him. I understand." Half-joking Tyler then quipped: "He’s a huge part of the show but I am the fucking show."

Tyler added: "That’s something that I was really looking forward to is showing the fans, obviously we love him so much, and you don’t love him more than I do, but I want to be respected as being able to carry this shit alone." He then clarified: "Not alone, there’s a huge cast and they’re all so good, but this is now my thing and I’ve earned that."

Tyler Posey on Dylan O'Brien Not Returning For Teen Wolf: The Movie

As for if he had any hang ups about playing an old character again, Tyler said: "It’s just acting and it’s fun to fucking revisit it, especially for me and for the fans, everyone grew up, all these kids grew up... and I want to be like, 'Check this character out now'. It’s just a fun thing. You get to grow up with him, you get to grow him."

What do you think? Does Teen Wolf still work without Stiles?

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