The Twilight Saga Is Becoming A Television Series

20 April 2023, 13:51

Twilight is coming to TV
Twilight is coming to TV. Picture: Alamy

By Savannah Roberts

The internet was sent into a tailspin after news swirled that Twilight is being adapted into a TV show.

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It’s time to get excited, Twilight is getting the television treatment!

You may have seen that social media has been going through somewhat of a Twilight-nostalgia period in the past year or so, and now fans will get to enjoy the franchise in a whole new format.

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The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that the famous vampire romance is in the works from a TV show, and the Stephenie Meyer book series is reportedly in development via Lionsgate Television.

Twilight (2008) - Official Movie Trailer

Twilight is turning into a TV show
Twilight is turning into a TV show. Picture: Alamy

The publication reports that Sinead Daly, who's notably worked on series such as The Walking Dead: World Beyond, is set to write the script for the adaptation but the project is still in its early stages.

Of course, the masses were first captivated by Bella and Edward's story when Meyer's top-selling books first hit the shelves back in 2005.

The Twilight-mania then reached a fever pitch when Kristen Steward and Robert Pattinson were famously cast in the Hollywood movies in 2009.

The new Twilight cast is yet to be announced
The new Twilight cast is yet to be announced. Picture: Alamy

The last instalment in the franchise may have hit theatres in 2012 but just over ten years later the films are still very much part of the pop culture zeitgeist.

It feels like 2009 all over again! What are your thoughts on the TV adaptation?

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