13 Reasons Why fans think Tony killed Bryce and it's all because of the actor's hair

9 August 2019, 15:43

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Who killed Bryce Walker? Christian Navarro's blond hair has fans convinced that Tony killed Bryce in 13 Reasons Why season 3. But how likely is this fan theory?

13 Reasons Why returns to Netflix on 23 August, whether you like it or not. The most pressing issue for fans right now is finding out who killed Bryce Walker (played by Justin Prentice). We have plenty of suspects (because, let's face it, the guy is an absolute criminal) but fans think one star's bold new look may hint at the mystery in season 3.

Fans have noticed that Christian Navarro, who plays Tony Padilla, is sporting blond hair, which some think could be a hint about season three's big mystery.

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Though he has been blond since earlier this year, Christian recently decided to tease his new look to his 4 million Instagram followers.

"S4 isn’t a secret any longer. But season 3 has a few secrets you’re gonna wanna unravel. August 23rd. Is my hair blonde? Black? Do i have hair? Have I ever had hair? All will be revealed," he captioned the photo.

Oooh, very mysterious. Plenty of fans took to the comments section of the photo with their questions and theories.

Many of their theories involved the idea that Tony killed Bryce Walker and dyed his hair blond to evade the cops.

Tony killed Bryce fan theories on Instagram
Tony killed Bryce fan theories on Instagram. Picture: Instagram/Screenshot

Considering how little information we have about season 3, we're thinking anything is possible at this stage. And, just in case you weren't totally convinced that Tony killed Bryce, an Instagram caption from February might nudge you in that direction.

Christian posted a photo of himself with Justin Prentice and captioned it: "We finally got to work together this year and I’ve cherished every second. You make me a better actor brother."

"Finally", huh? INTERESTING.

But, as much as we want the blond hair to be a hint about a dramatic plot, the timeline doesn't really make sense.

Why? Because 13 Reasons Why reportedly wrapped on season 3 in February and Christian didn't dye his hair until the middle of March–if the Instagram receipts are to be believed. That, and the fact that Tony has dark hair in the trailer convinces us that maybe Christian just wanted to change up his look.

That being said, we're not closing the door on the idea that Tony may be close to the mystery of who killed Bryce Walker.

What do you guys think? Does Tony have it in him to pursue some vigilante justice or is there a more likely suspect in the mystery of who killed Bryce Walker?