Tom Holland May Never Play Spider-Man Again & Fans Aren't Happy

21 August 2019, 07:51

Tom Hollan as Spider-Man
Tom Hollan as Spider-Man. Picture: Getty

Spider-Man fans are up in arms after a disagreement between studios has left Tom Holland's future as the web-slinger in doubt.

Tom Holland, everyone's favourite Spider-Man (apart from anyone over 30 who is all about that Toby Maguire life) is currently on the edge of losing his role as Peter Parker after a disagreement between studios Marvel/Disney and Sony.

And as you'd expect, fans across the world are NOT HAPPY that their boy may be losing the iconic role.

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Tom Hollan may not play Spider-Man again
Tom Hollan may not play Spider-Man again. Picture: Getty

Here's the deal. Spider-Man's movie rights are co-owned by both Sony and Marvel/Disney and with the two unable to reach a deal over the new movies, there's a chance that Tom will not be reprising his role for the full trilogy of Spidey movies.

One fan voiced her outrage on Twitter, "tom holland deserves to finish the spiderman trilogy. regardless of what sony and disney can or canโ€™t agree on, tom deserves to have closure. he has always loved spiderman. he puts in so much work to be the best peter parker. he is the best peter parker".

Twitter's trends have been full of Spider-Man related terms and fans have been very vocal about the whole ordeal.

One fan has actually pointed out how Tom Holland has unfollowed Sony too on Instagram... we an only hope the two studios can sort this mess out and get Tom back in the suit!

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