TikTok Teens Have Started Their Own 'Love Island' & Its Being Watched By Thousands

17 June 2020, 10:27

Teenagers have started their own virtual 'Love Island' and thousands are watching
Teenagers have started their own virtual 'Love Island' and thousands are watching. Picture: Instagram @KGisland

There's an unofficial lockdown 'Love Island' going on on TikTok and thousands of you are watching its live stream every night, so, how can you watch it?

Love Island getting cancelled was a low point of the pandemic, but TikTok teens are using their ingenuity to start their own, unofficial version called KG Island, and thousands of people hooked on it.

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Kieran Gray, 16, put his imagination to seriously good use during lockdown and started KG Island when Coronavirus cancelled the ITV reality show and it now has 220,000 followers tuning in and the contestants amassing thousands of followers each.

The show's Instagram account has over 60 thousand followers and updates people about who is coupled up and let people comment their thoughts on the contestants.

Three Snapchat groups make up the 'villa', with a boys group, girls group and main villa and they can all voice note throughout the day, some of which then make the main account's TikTok feed to keep fans up to date with the daily gossip.

Instagram live's see the contestants do group challenges, just like on the show, and video chats allow potential suitors to date each other.

The contestants are considerably younger than those heading on the show, bringing a whole new version of the show to the teenage demographic.

Also, like the show, couples and contestants can get kicked 'out the villa', and the show's host, Liam Clear, who you can see in the promo snippets letting people know what to expect for the evening on Instagram, told VICE:

"They’ll be talking to new people and see if they’re going to stick or twist and that might cause a bit of drama."

"We like to throw little twists to keep people entertained. Even the Islanders don’t know if they’re safe or not."

As everything has been forced to go virtual during lockdown, this is a seriously big endeavour being rolled out across multiple social platforms, but the formula seems to be working!

Although the summer Love Island series was forced to cancel, ITV2 are currently airing the first ever series of Love Island Australia!

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