TikTok Reveals Glee Using Dummies In Audience Instead Of Actors & People Are Freaked Out

1 July 2020, 14:48

Tiktok video shows Glee using dummies in crowd scenes
Tiktok video shows Glee using dummies in crowd scenes. Picture: Glee/TikTok @kellysipos

A 'Glee' TikTok has gone viral after pointing out unnerving dummies spotted in place of actors and it's genuinely a bit terrifying.

A TikTok video has gone viral revealing Glee using dummies propped up in chairs and has everyone asking if everything they've ever known is a lie about the noughties TV show.

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TikTok user @kellysipos has left everyone asking WTF as she zooms on the crowd as the Glee members compete in competitions- only for what are very obviously mannequins propped up in chairs to be seen.

She captioned the clip, which has been viewed over half a million times, very appropriately: "THIS NEEDS TO BE SEEN. IM TERRIFIED. RYAN MURPHY EXPLAIN."

Whilst playing the clip on her laptop, she says, "So I’m just noticing in Glee, there are dummies in the crowd" and people are seriously confused at what the quirky show was playing at.

Could they not be bothered to find the amount of actors they needed?

Or, were the dummies some kind of 'in' joke, something many wouldn't put the often bizarre show past.

One guy wrote, "Glee having dummies as audience members is not even on top 20 weird things the show has done" and honestly, we agree.

Now, people are revealing that Glee isn't the only show that's done this, as its a technique used to make a room look fuller without having to get large groups of people- with The Office also having used dummies during Dwight's speech!

This person wrote they heard this nugget of trivia on a podcast about The Office, writing: "For those who are shocked about glee having dummies in the audience... it’s used all the time on shows!"

"On the office, the episode called “Dwight’s Speech” has some people in the audience and to make it look fuller they used dummies!"

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