Tiger King’s John Finlay got new teeth and the internet is going wild

27 March 2020, 12:28

Sophie Thompson

By Sophie Thompson

John Finlay was Joe Exotic's third husband in Netflix true-crime documentary, Tiger King, and left the animal breeder when he got one of his female colleagues at the zoo pregnant.

If you've already been hooked on Netflix's Tiger King, you'll be very familiar with the ways of Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin, and if you've been paying extra attention, you'll also be familiar with Joe's husbands. All four of them.

One that has particularly caught the eye of fans is toothless redneck, John Finlay, whom he marries into a thrupple with, alongside Travis Maldonado - the guy who ends up accidentally shooting himself in the head.

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But surprisingly, John Finlay hasn't been noticed for the wrong reasons, because since he left the show, he's had a pretty epic makeover.

John Finlay is Joe's third husband whom he marries into a joint thrupple with, alongside Travis.
John Finlay is Joe's third husband whom he marries into a joint thrupple with, alongside Travis. Picture: Netflix/John Finlay via Facebook

In the docuseries, John Finlay spent most of his time either being interviewed shirtless, or showing off his 'privately owned by Joe Exotic' tattoos while discussing the ins and outs of their relationship, but these days, he's living a much quieter life...and has even got some new teeth.

John met Joe when he was 19-years-old and working at the G.W Zoo, before they got jointly married with Travis in a scene during the show (matching pink shirts and all).

Later in the documentary, we see John admit on camera that he's actually straight, and was forced to leave both his marriage with the Tiger King and his job when he got one of his female colleagues pregnant.

These days, he's living with his new girlfriend and young daughter (as well as living it up with his new teeth), and fans cannot get enough of his transformation.

Despite the shock images surfacing from John's social media, he says he actually had it done while the show was filming, and Netflix chose not to include it, and despite him using drugs in the series, his teeth before weren't a result of it.

In a statement to TMZ, a source close to John said: "They weren’t the result of meth abuse. Though John admits meth was a drug of choice for him in the doc, we’re told his teeth were messed up before that, due to genetic reasons. He told us he has not touched drugs in 6 years."

John Finlay himself as admitted that he won't be participating in a second series due to the light Netflix painted him in. He wrote on his Facebook group, 'The truth about John Finlay', 'The producers of the Netflix series had video and pictures of this, but chose not to show it. It's all about the ratings for them, not the people they hurt.'