Here's how Viktor comes out as trans in The Umbrella Academy season 3

22 June 2022, 15:10

Elliot Page opens up about Viktor coming out as trans in The Umbrella Academy

By Sam Prance

How does Viktor come out as trans in The Umbrella Academy season 3? Fans are praising Elliot Page's storyline.

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The Umbrella Academy season 3 is finally here and the new season includes Viktor Hargreeves' touching transition storyline.

In 2020, Elliot Page came out as trans and, earlier this year, Netflix revealed that Elliot's Umbrella Academy character, who was formerly known as Vanya, would be coming out as trans too. In a statement to The A.V. Club, Netflix confirmed that Elliot's character "will come out as transgender in season 3 and be henceforth known as Viktor Hargreeves".

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Now, The Umbrella Academy season 3 is available to stream and fans are "sobbing" over how Viktor comes out as trans.


The Umbrella Academy season 3: Viktor's transition explained
The Umbrella Academy season 3: Viktor's transition explained. Picture: Netflix

In The Umbrella Academy season 3, episode 2, Viktor learns that Sissy has died and begins reminiscing on their relationship. In flashbacks, he remembers her saying to him: "You have given me the greatest gift of a lifetime. You made me feel alive for the first time," and "You don't even notice the box that you're in until someone comes along and lets you out."

We then see Viktor head to a barbershop, smiling as he sits in the barber's chair. When he next appears on screen, his hair is cut short. Viktor meets his brothers Klaus, Diego and Number 5. Noticing Viktor's new hair Klaus says, "Love the haircut". They then being discussing the Sparrow Academy but when Diego calls Viktor "Vanya", Viktor corrects him.

Viktor explains: "It's Viktor now." Diego replies, "Who's Viktor?" and Viktor says: "I am. It's who I've always been. Is that an issue with anyone?" There's a moment of silence as Viktor's brothers take in what's happening but Diego says: "Nah I'm good with it.", Klaus says: "Yeah, me too. Cool." and Number 5 says, "Truly happy for you Viktor".

How does Viktor come out as trans in The Umbrella Academy?
How does Viktor come out as trans in The Umbrella Academy? Picture: Netflix

In another scene with Allison, Viktor says that he's "making a few changes" and tells Allison that he will explain everything.

On a walk, Allison says, "Why didn't you tell me sooner? I can't believe I never realised. I feel like such an asshole". Viktor responds: "You couldn't have known cause I didn't fully. Being with Sissy, she opened something in me, showed me I'd never be free hiding from who I really am. After losing her I realised, I can't live in that box anymore. I won't."

Looking in a window's reflection, Viktor emotionally says: "You know, I always hated mirrors. I thought everybody felt so strange in their skin. I guess that's not true?". Allison then asks what Viktor sees now and he replies: "Me. Just me."

The moving scene ends with Allison embracing Viktor and saying: "Thank you for trusting me with this. You're family, Viktor - and there's nothing that would make me love you less."

Like Viktor in The Umbrella Academy, Elliot Page is trans in real life
Like Viktor in The Umbrella Academy, Elliot Page is trans in real life. Picture: Netflix

Luther is the last sibling to find out about Viktor's transition, as he has been kidnapped by the Sparrow Academy and misses the brothers' conversation. In episode 3, we see Luther discussing Viktor with Diego. Luther calls him 'Vanya', but Diego quickly corrects him on his mistake and informs him of Viktor's transition.

In a later scene, Diego tells Viktor that "Luther wants to throw you a big, stupid party so you feel loved. Do you feel loved?" Viktor then replies, "Yeah, I do" before Diego adds, "Good. You are." Luther also asks Viktor to be his best man in his wedding to Sloane.

No. I'm not crying. You are.

Naturally, fans are praising how sensitively the show cover's Viktor's transition. One fan tweeted: "The Umbrella Academy handled it so well and I’m so happy they dealt with this carefully! I’m proud of you Viktor!!"

Another added: "2 episodes into season 3 of the umbrella academy and Elliot Page as Viktor already has me crying. Talking about how making changes toward your real gender affects you. I'm going to be sobbing forever."

Perhaps most importantly, while Viktor's family may each take a second to process his transition, there's no transphobia in The Umbrella Academy season 3 and each of his siblings accept him for who he is. It's no wonder it's resonating with so many viewers.

What do you think? Was Viktor's transition handled well?

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