Umbrella Academy memes that are so good you'll want to go back in time and laugh again

16 February 2019, 17:50

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Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

The Umbrella Academy memes are here and fans are loving all the characters from the new Netflix superhero drama.

The Umbrella Academy dropped on Feb. 15 and it didn't take long for memes about the supercharged siblings to make their way onto social media. No character was safe as people found hilarious moments to react to and turn into memes. From people's love of Ben and Klaus, to Number 5's tried and tested disappearing act, there were plenty of amusing moments in Netflix's Umbrella Academy.

People couldn't get enough of Number 5.

Number 5, played by Aidan Gallagher travels back in time to reunite with his siblings after accidentally getting stuck in a future where the world has ended.

Despite being quite a serious person, Number 5's time and space jump abilities do make for some truly entertaining moments.

Was there anything greater treat than seeing Ben on screen?

As the series went on, Ben began to play a bigger part in the Umbrella Academy story, to many people's delight. This has led to some fans hoping that Ben makes a miraculous recovery... from death in season 2.

Let's just say that Vanya was... a whole mood. Literally.

Vanya went from being "the ordinary one" to finding out that she actually wields a ton of power. To be honest, after her little display in the final episode, we're going to look at violins a lot differently.

And Klaus was the ultimate wild card.

Klaus is quite the "disaster person" but that's all a part of his charm. He certainly became a fan favourite as the series went on and his back story was expended upon. Between him and Number 5, people definitely had their favourites.

And of course, there was Diego and those knives.


What did you guys think of The Umbrella Academy? Who were your favourite characters and what was your favourite scene?