The Haunting of Hill House 'Bent-Neck Lady' episode is leaving fans "emotionally destroyed"

17 October 2018, 18:18

The haunting of hill house bent neck lady
Picture: Netflix/The Haunting of Hill House/Screenshot
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Audiences are absolutely floored by the emotional 5th episode of Netflix's 'The Haunting of Hill House'

Netflix's The Haunting of Hill House is already shaping up to be an audience favourite this spooky season. Each episode is a completely different level of terror and the fans are already turning their fear into hilarious memes. You might need someone to explain that PACKED ending to you, but one episode you'd probably rather forget is episode 5, The Bent Neck Lady.

Bent Neck Lady
Picture: Netflix/The Haunting of Hill House/Screenshot

Depending on your threshold for terror, you probably reacted to episode 5, The Bent-Neck Lady, with a mix of horror, unease, and sadness.

Warning: Spoilers ahead! So, if you don't know about the Bent-Neck Lady, you're about to.

In the episode, we follow Nell Crain from her childhood in Hill House to her adult life, where she is still trying to deal with the trauma and sleep disorder she developed as a kid, thanks to the Bent-Neck Lady.

The Bent-Neck Lady was an apparition she encountered in Hill House who would often appear standing at the foot of Nell's bed or hovering above her where she lay.

Bent neck lady
Picture: Netflix/The Haunting of Hill House/Screenshot

Fast forward to Nell's untimely death and we see her falling through time, back to moments in her life where she was most traumatised by the Bent-Neck Lady.

Only, now we realise that the ghostly figure wasn't just a random Hill House ghost. No, NELL was the Bent-Neck Lady the whole time. Nell. Was. Haunting. Herself.

The conclusion to this episode was a perfectly executed twist and fans are definitely shaken at the reveal.

One person said they were even scared to sleep because they'd also experienced sleep paralysis like Nell. Another person said that the episode had "emotionally destroyed" them. Which, same.

People think it's one of the best bits of television they've ever seen.

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The Bent-Neck Lady episode leans on so many different emotional touch points, including grief, anxiety, and shock. The unexpected dread you feel watching Nell fall through to different moments of her life is so unusual and jarring, even in a series full of unusual and jarring moments.

People have clearly reacted strongly to this particular episode, as well as director Mike Flanagan's ability to deliver this pitch perfect horror story. We're torn between wanting more Bent-Neck Lady-esque twists in a potential season 2 and not wanting to think about her for a very long time.