'The Flatshare' Viewers Can't Stop Praising The New Series

5 December 2022, 16:50

The Flatshare has got viewers talking
The Flatshare has got viewers talking. Picture: Paramount

By Savannah Roberts

The Flatshare is the newest rom-com series to make a splash on streaming, here's how fans are reacting to the book-turned-television show!

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A new series has gotten viewers talking online and fans can't stop praising the poignant rom-com.

The latest book to get the television adaptation treatment is The Flatshare, a novel by Beth O'Leary that took readers by storm back in 2019.

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Now, Paramount+ has brought the story to streaming, The Flatshare arrived on the platform on December 1 and it's quickly become a fan-favourite among viewers.

The show follows Tiffy Moore (Jessica Brown Findlay) as she needs to find a quick and affordable living situation and Leon Twomey (Anthony Welsh) who is struggling for money. The two protagonists juggle the same one-bed flat without ever meeting, one has it in the day and the other in the night, leading the pair to only communicate via post-it notes!

The Flatshare dropped on December 1
Jessica Brown Findlay portrays Tiffy Moore. Picture: Paramount
Anthony Welsh portrays Leon Twomey
Anthony Welsh portrays Leon Twomey. Picture: Paramount

The original book has collected quite the cult following since its release three years ago, and Beth O'Leary's readers were ready to see how it translated on screen.

Upon the release of the first episode in December, fans flocked to Twitter to praise the (somewhat) relatable rom-com story, now user posted: "Great script, great cast, faithful to the book but has its own vibe too."

"It’s the best feeling ever when you watch a series based on a book you love and it’s like rereading it all over again," another wrote.

Another viewer gushed: "The book being a tv show is the best thing ever."

The Flatshare dropped on December 1
The Flatshare dropped on December 1. Picture: Paramount

It didn't take fans long to highlight how The Flatshare echoes some relatable struggles renters have been facing in recent months, despite the book hailing from 2019.

You may recognise the aforementioned leads, Jessica Brown Findlay and Anthony Welsh, from other notable UK shows!

Jessica, 33, has given memorable performances in the likes of Downton Abbey, Black Mirror and The Beautiful Fantastic.

Anthony, 39, made his film debut in Red Tails in 2012 and has appeared in The Great and Hanna since – he also featured in a Black Mirror episode in 2017, how coincidental!

Everyone has been in awe of the chemistry between these two, even though they don't tend to share the screen at the same time! Is communicating with post-it notes the new love language?

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