The Act: Over 100,000 people sign petition to free Gypsy Rose Blanchard from prison

11 April 2019, 17:40

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Gypsy Rose Blanchard's father created the petition in a bid to free Gypsy...

Over 100,000 people have signed a petition to free Gypsy Rose Blanchard from prison following the release of The Act.

Gypsy Rose Blanchard is pursuing legal action against Hulu over The Act

Ever since The Act debuted on Hulu this March, viewers have been moved by Gypsy Rose Blanchard's story. The show may be dramatised but it's based on real-life events. In 2015, Gypsy enlisted her boyfriend to kill her mother Dee Dee, after Dee Dee abused her, lied to her and forced her to pretend to be severely ill throughout her life. Gypsy is currently serving a 10 year sentence for second-degree murder but people are petitioning for her to be released.

You can sign the petition to free Gypsy Rose Blanchard below.

The Act: Petition to free Gypsy Rose Blanchard from prison
The Act: Petition to free Gypsy Rose Blanchard from prison. Picture: Peteski Productions // ABC // Hulu

Gypsy's father Rod Blanchard actually set up the petition to free his daughter over two years ago but the renewed interest in Gypsy's case following the release of The Act has meant that tens of thousands of people have signed it in recent weeks. It currently has over 100,000 signatures (Apr 18) and over 90,000 of those have been in the past nine months. In the petition, Rod goes into detail about Gypsy's specific story and why, based on her history, she deserves to be released from prison.


Rod writes: "Gypsy was forced all her life to fake a long list of ailments and illnesses including leukemia, vision and hearing impairment, sleep apnea, retardation, muscular dystrophy, and a chromosome disorder and digestive disorders. Her mother Dee Dee Blanchard suffered from a disease called Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome, a relatively rare form of child abuse that involves the exaggeration or fabrication of illnesses or symptoms by a primary caregiver."

He also reveals how he was also convinced that Gypsy was ill based on Dee Dee's lies: "I am Gypsy's Father Rod Blanchard. I too was lead to believe Gypsy was sick her whole life. Dee Dee and I were married then separated during her pregnancy. I was 17 Dee Dee was 23. I have always tried to be the best father I could, but Dee Dee always kept my relationship with Gypsy very limited."

Rod then explains: "We all have failed Gypsy, her mother, the doctors, the police, and myself.  Any one of us could have done more to free her from hell with her mother. She never had a chance, she was brainwashed, threatened. Living in fearful captivity in a child's body her entire life, she never got to blossom into the beautiful young woman she deserves to be. How is this any different than a wife snapping and killing her abusive husband? "

He goes on to say: "I'm petitioning for any relief to Gypsy's 10 year sentence, a shorter sentence, perhaps relocation to a mental facility where she can get the better help she needs. Gypsy has a loving family and community waiting, supporting her every step of the way to freedom. She calls home 3-4 times a week and spends hours on the phone with her amazing step mother, my wife Kristy. She has a younger brother Dylan 22 and sister Mia 16."

Rod ends the petition: "She has suffered long enough. Please help her come home. She is serving time in Chillicothe Corrections Center in Missouri. She is eligible for parole in 2024, she will be 32. She appears completely healthy and in good spirits, although we don't know if there were any long term physical effects from the abuse."