Who is Tall Boy in Riverdale? Here's all the clues you missed about the Gargoyle King's identity

24 January 2019, 14:57

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

The Gargoyle King on Riverdale was finally revealed to be the ex-Serpent Tall Boy... but the bombshell still doesn't answer one MASSIVE looming question.

After just 10 episodes of season 3, Riverdale unexpectedly unveiled the identity of the Gargoyle King and we guarantee that the culprit wasn't on any of your suspect lists.

In episode 10 ('The Stranger'), we saw legend Fangs Fogarty come through with some intel on the Gargoyle Gang and their King. He manages to infiltrate the gang meeting and is able to take down the King once and for all, with the help of Jughead, FP Jones and the rest of the Serpents.

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Yes, friends, it turns out that the creepy Twiggy weirdo that's been stalking all your faves, doing cosplay with 15 year olds and terrorising the Queen of the identity crisis Alice Cooper in her own home was, in fact, Tall Boy (played by Scott McNeil), the ex-Serpent and second Black Hood who has been working for Hiram since season 2.

"HOW COULD IT BE TALL BOY? ISN'T HE DEAD?" Well, clearly not (we never actually saw a body, did we?) and the more you think about it, the more obvious his involvement actually was. Now, the whole storyline has left the fandom questioning everything and it's also left one massive question hanging over the whole Gryphons and Gargoyles storyline too... if Tall Boy was the Gargoyle King in the present, who was the Gargoyle King in the past? Let's investigate...

Who is Tall Boy on Riverdale?

Tall Boy was unveiled as the Gargoyle King on Riverdale
Tall Boy was unveiled as the Gargoyle King on Riverdale. Picture: The CW

In case you've forgotten who Tall Boy was, here's everything you need to know: Tall Boy is an ex-Serpent, who often clashed with FP over his leadership skills. In season two, he started working for Hiram Lodge (CLUE ONE), decapitating the statue in Pickens Park in an attempt to frame Jughead. Tall Boy was also hired as the second Black Hood (CLUE TWO). He opened fire at the Mayoral Debate under Hiram's orders and was also the one that shot Fred Andrews the second time.

At the end of season 2, Sheriff Minetta reveals to Jughead and Archie that Tall Boy was killed, which was obviously a lie considering that Minetta was under Hiram's control, we hadn't seen a body and Hiram needed to "tie up" Tall Boy as a loose end (CLUE THREE), conveniently leaving him ~available~ for his next scheme. AND THAT'S WHAT YOU MISSED ON GLEE.

In the episode, Tall Boy - YES, SURPRISE BITCH, HE'S ALIVE! - was unveiled as the Gargoyle King after the Serpents ambushed the Gargoyle Gang gathering in Fox Forest. Of course, who better to lead a gang than the disgraced Serpent, with links to a bunch of unloyal gang members, right?! (CLUE FOUR)

He's unmasked by Jughead and taken to the bunker. During his interrogation, he confesses to breaking into the Cooper house and terrorising Alice and Betty and he confesses to killing Joaquin - presumably all on Hiram's orders. Honestly, how did we not figure it out?! The Gargoyle King was so... tall! (CLUE FIVE... we guess?!)

Anyway, Tall Boy then agrees to help catch Hiram Lodge (who instead sends Claudius Blossom in his place), but is later shot and killed in a confrontation with Sweet Pea and Fangs, destroying any chance of catching Hiram again.

So there you have it, the Gargoyle King was unmasked and killed within the space of 42 minutes. The clues were there! None of our theories were true, we slept on the possibility that Tall Boy was still alive and still secretly working for Hiram. The fandom was hustled, scammed, bamboozled, hood winked and lead astray.

BUT OF COURSE, all is not what it seems with Riverdale. While we now know that Tall Boy was the current day Gargoyle King, orchestrated by Hiram Lodge... it still leaves the big question about who the Gargoyle King was in the past.

In the episode, Hal Cooper admits to being the Gargoyle King during ascension night but it's quickly established that he's chatting shit after Penelope Blossom reveals she spilled all the tea during their conjugal visits (or are they both bluffing and conspiring together?!) So, if it's not Hal, who could it be? Who killed Featherhead? Who was the one in the school that night?

Just like when Joseph Svenson was unveiled as the "decoy" Black Hood in season 2, there could still be another reveal twist coming. Speaking to TV Guide, Cole Sprouse said that he didn't believe it when it was all revealed. "I didn't believe it. I truly did not believe it, and I don't think you guys should either." WE DON'T, COLE. WE DON'T.

Lili Reinhart also added that she felt like it was a bit suspicious that the storyline was ended a bit tooooo fast, adding: "I felt like there was more to the story. It couldn't have been wrapped up that quickly... I felt like there must have been more to it than that."