WATCH: How Well Does Vick Hope Actually Know Her Strictly Partner?

14 September 2018, 08:49

Vick Hope and her Strictly Come Dancing partner have spent hours practising together, but how well do they actually know each other?

Vick Hope and her Strictly Come Dancing partner, Graziano Di Prima have spent hours perfecting their jive to Portugal. The Man's 'Feel It Still'.

But we wanted to see just how well the dancing duo actually know each other, by putting them to the test.

> Everything About Graziano Di Prima, Vick Hope's Strictly Come Dancing Partner

The Strictly hunk cha-cha'd his way to chat to Roman Kemp, Vick and Sonny Jay about their first dance on the reality show, and we put their relationship to test.

After asking each other what each other's favourite aspects of one another were, and what they'd change about their partners, there was only one question we wanted to know the answer to...

Is the Strictly Come Dancing trophy coming home with Vick? (Answer: Yes. Yes it is.)

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