Who Is Vick Hope? Capital DJ's Career, Height And Age Revealed

24 January 2019, 11:31 | Updated: 24 January 2019, 11:36

Vick Hope for Global's Make Some Noise, Capital's Summertime Ball, and Capital's Monster Mash-Up
Vick Hope has had lots of fun Capital FM dressing up for Global's Make Some Noise and the Summertime Ball. Picture: PA Images

Capital Breakfast's Vick Hope is taking on Love Island rival TV show Shipwrecked. Following her success on Strictly Come Dancing, here's everything you need to know including where she's from and her TV career.

Capital DJ Vick Hope been waking London up every weekday morning from 6AM alongside Roman Kemp and now she's taking on Love Island rival TV show, Shipwrecked.

Following a successful year in her career, even appearing on Strictly Come Dancing, we take a look at all the important facts you need to know about who Vick is from her education to her height.

Here's everything you need to know:

  1. Did Vick Hope go to university?

    Well, that's a sure way to make us feel stupid, isn't it? Deciding to explore the world of "word", Vick studied Modern Language at the prestigious University of Cambridge, before hosting a show for MTV in Beunos Aires. Not bad, eh?

    She can also speak fluently in French, Spanish and Portuguese.

  2. What TV shows has Vick Hope been on?

    Don't worry - Vick isn't just on your radio. You can spot her as The Voice's digital correspondent, acting ever-so-professional with the likes of will.i.am. (See below.)

    She also hosted Sky One's Carnage, alongside Freddie Flintoff and Lethal Bizzle.

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  3. Who are Vick's inspirations?

    Having been a part of the broadcasting industry for years - working with the likes of MTV and Disney Channel - Vick cites the likes of Louis Theroux and Dawn O’Porter as some of her inspirations.

  4. Vick Hope and her big celebrity interviews

    We once got excited because we saw Ross Kemp picking up some noodles in the local supermarket. Meanwhile Vick Hope has rubbed shoulders with some serious A-listers.

    She's had some dodgy joke-off's against Anne-Marie, has been pied off by Not3s, and even had Colin Farrell lick prawn cocktail off of her dress.


  5. Vick Hope age revealed

    What had you done by the time you were 29? You probably considered moving out but never really got round to doing it. Vick, on the other hand, now hosts Capital Breakfast alongside Roman Kemp and Vick Hope, at 29-years-old.

    Her birthday's on September 25, 1989.

  6. Where is Vick Hope from?

    The presenter was born and raised in Newcastle upon Tyne, England, but now lives in London.

    While half of her family is Geordie, her mother's side of the Hope family is actually Nigerian, and they still live in West Africa now.

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  7. She actually knew Roman Kemp way before Capital Breakfast...

    The pair didn't meet during Capital Breakfast. In fact, Roman Kemp and Vick Hope actually met when they co-hosted ITV2's 2Awesome, where they'd chat to the likes of The Vamps and Pixie Lott.

    They also worked together on Red Bull TV's Can You Make It?

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  8. Vick has been all over the world on her travels

    If you've got a bucket list, you're going to have to do a hell of a lot to beat Vick's.

    After university, Vick used to live in Argentina, working as a journalist there, covering Latin-American current affairs.

    She also spent a fortnight in South Africa filming Sky One's Carnage alongside Freddie Flintoff and Lethal Bizzle, as well as climbing Mount Kilimanjaro when she was 18, and jumping out of a helicopter for #CapitalInDubai

  9. Vick Hope's love of sport revealed

    Vick claims to be pretty into her sports; especially her cycling. Not only is she keen on the sport, herself, she's also covered biking events for Channel 4, Sky Sports and Eurosport, as well as hosting coverage for Fulham FC TV.

    She's also travelled the world with Red Bull, hosting their Flugtag and Soap Box Race.

  10. Ms Hope is also a big advocate for human rights...

    From an early age - 10 years old, in fact - Vick was asked to be the face of Childline. And even though her mother rejected the offer, that didn't stop Vick, who has gone on to become an Amnesty International ambassador, as well as a human rights activist, having worked with them since she was 16.

    Recently, Vick hosted the stage at the Women's March, which she claims is her proudest moment to date.

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  11. Vick Hope's extensive CV and career

    Before TV and radio, Vick paid her way through university via a series of jobs, including - deep breath:

    Working in bars, pubs and restaurants, doing people's online dating for them (no, really!), walking around town handing out nachos, followed by a Mariachi band, working as a hostess in a cocktail bar (where she bumped into a hella load of the Sunderland team), as well as dancing in her friend's art shows in a club in Buenos Aires.

  12. How tall is Vick Hope?

    With legs that go on for days, Capital's Vick Hope is a modest 5 foot 7.